Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The Latest

The Latest:
Well it’s past time for another blog post, so here we go.  Hopefully you noticed a few changes to the website.  We have been adjusting the logo and the look, and will be continuing to mess with it for a while.  As it sits, it is basically just a landing page for the idea.  Currently, it just helps us get in contact with people who are interested in the idea.  We hope to make it more of a functioning location over time.

The Garden:
I was reflecting on some of my favorite garden produce as I was thinking about this post.  Not just the favorite type of produce, but some specific pieces of fruit.  The first one that came to mind, was the fresh apples from a tree we had when I was growing up.  In the house I spent my early childhood we had a decent vegetable garden and several fruit trees.  Two of those trees grew the best Jonathan apples I have ever had.  Either that or I am already suffering from old man memories of the ‘good ol days’.  These were smaller apples, just the right size for little hands.  They had the perfect blend of sweet and tart combined with an excellent crunch.  Not only did the trees have excellent fruit, but they were also part of our natural jungle gym.  We would climb the trees, eat the fruit when it was ripe, and throw it at each other when it wasn’t.  Having a yard with fruit trees was a great contribution to my growing years.

The Helping hand:
We need some help getting the word out about this idea. We could also use some help getting  feedback .  Will you share it on the social media platform of your choice or send us some tips on how you think we could communicate the idea to more folks?   We  appreciate all of your help and support.